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"What a wonderful product! The Boax flower has helped me so much in my life, not only for pain but to help relax the mind in times of stress. Has a wonderful Flavor as well."

-Christine S.

"I have used the Cherry Wine glycerin tincture to help with my occasional cramping and migraines. Just one dropper full of the tincture is enough to provide immediate relief for the rest of the day. Not to mention it also has a pleasant, natural taste, unlike many chemically made medicines with artificial flavorings. I cannot recommend this product enough."

-Ivy B.


"This is high quality medicine, I contacted the people at betterthanmedical and someone responded that day. They were extremely generous, knowledgeable and compassionate. My Mom is a cancer patient with a nasty form of the disease (small cell carcinoma). She’s beaten breast cancer and now this. When she tried the tincture they sent, as a sample, she could get up without pain. That alone is a miracle. If you’re on the fence, give this company a shot. I’m happy I did.

-Christopher H.

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